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"The most important gift a loved one can give is passing the word on so others can be relieved of their pain and suffering, restoring health naturally." 

Patient Stories: Testimonial
carlos golf.jpg

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Kowalik since May 2016. I knew that my lower back pain was primarily the result of playing the sport that I love - Golf. I started off getting treatments 3 times a week and now I am in maintenance mode seeing him once every other week. I am happy to say that I am totally pain-free today and enjoying the game more than ever! I haven't felt this good in many many years.

Dr. Kowalik has instilled in me a discipline of stretching exercises which maximize the results of his treatments. He can address a wide range of issues as you can see in the other reviews. Dr. Kowalik is a truly caring and honest person and his staff is fantastic as well! I would highly recommend them! 

Carlos V.

chiang, jessie 2.jpg

I've been having aches and pains for as long as I remember and I'm only 30! My countless attempts to get relief from my backaches, shoulder and neck pain from a variety of healing modalities only brought temporary relief. This left me frustrated and unable to enjoy my day-to-day routine. Along with these aches and pains, I also suffered from indigestion, irregular menstruation, and TMJ to name a few. When I first met Dr. Kowalik, he showed me that subluxation (a pinched nerve between vertebrae) is what is contributing to the dis-ease I was experiencing. That information rang true and I'm so grateful that I immediately became a patient! After just two months of regular visits to Dr. Kowalik's warm, welcoming chiropractic center, I'm now free from indigestion and TMJ symptoms--and have regular menstruation. In addition, I now enjoy better posture, I'm pain free and have improved vision. In fact, at my last visit to my optometrist, she reduced my glasses prescription by half! Many thanks to the Kowalik Family Chiropractic for the compassionate care, love and making me feel like a part of the family!

Jessie C.

tonya fitzpatrick.jpg

I love how I feel when I go to Kowalik Family Chiropractic! Always greeted with a smile and the other patients are warm and friendly, too! I love how the treatment area is in an open space so we can chat with each other and Dr. K as he works on other patients. The staff is top notch - always going out of their way to be sure each experience is a good one! I always leave feeling better than when I walked in.

Tonya F.

Lydia and Kevin.jpg

Dr K truly cares about his patients; the whole patient and their family. The staff is always helpful and cheerful and the atmosphere is one of a caring family. 5 years ago was the start of a period of recovery from 45 years of repeated injury. Dr K has been integral to that recovery and now I feel great. I can't thank him and his office family enough.

He is also great with children. My son is special needs and uncomfortable with anything medical. The exception is Dr K. He feels comfortable and welcome in this office and Dr K really gets him. That is a blessing of immeasurable value.

Lydia and Kevin

Chris Shiroma.jpg

I have been to several chiropractors for my lower back problems over the past several years.  The pain affected my entire life style but, Dr. Kowalik has made it possible for me to enjoy bowling, hiking, and just doing things with my kids again.  He is so patient and willing to take the time to listen and ensure your issues are addressed.  He will explain why and how the pain occurs as well as treat it.

With my back pain under control, we are now on the topic of eating the right things to help with my general health and I am finding he is a wealth of information that we all need to tap into.  I am a believer and would recommend Dr. Kowalik.

Chris S.

David Glassman.jpg

Dr. Kowalik has to be one of the best chiropractors in the business. Not only does he take the time to learn about his patients and create a plan to treat them, but he genuinely cares about them. He has helped relieve my excruciating back pain as well as made my neck feel better than it has in years. His staff is very friendly and efficient all in a very comfortable setting. For anybody in need of chiropractic care they owe themselves a favor and should see Dr. Kowalik right away.

David G.


Because of the warmth and compassion of Dr. Kowalik and his staff, people enjoy his services. They make discomfort feel comfortable. Everyone is very friendly and with the smiling faces behind the desk when you walk through the door, the patients feel welcome.

Judy B.

Dorothy gypsy.jpg

Hello friends, I just want to tell you about my experience with Kowalik Family Chiropractic. When I came here with my husband for his back problems I decided to have Dr. Daryl work on my ankle that had been bothering me for 6 months. I had just started taking a Hawaiian dance class and had to stop three times during the one hour lesson due to ankle pain. Because of Dr. Daryl’s expert advice and work on my ankle I was able to dance during the whole one hour and not stop because of pain. Yippee for me and Thank you Dr. Daryl!

Yours in Happiness,

Dorothy Thayer

AKA Clown Daisy A Day

Dorothy Thayer

 "How do I express my many thanks for restoring my daughter’s health? I am eternally grateful fto you Dr. Kowalik! When Chrysty first came to see you she was suffering with terrible pain throughout her body, horrible chronic migraine headaches, muscle weakness, and the fear that she would never be well again. She was unable to work and care for her children. After months of several doctors appointments, with various specialists; we had exhausted medical experts and all they could come up with was “it must be fibromyalgia.” But they couldn’t stop the cycle of continuous pain. It was at this time I had coffee with my dear friend Mahtty Kowalik after not seeing her for years. During our visit I mentioned Chrysty’s illness. Mahtty suggested we bring our daughter to see Daryl. Divine intervention - we made an appointment with Dr. Kowalik. Through your skillful, healing care & treatments Chrysty began to regain her health. By following your treatment plan she is fully recovered today! With much heartfelt appreciation- Thank You Dr. Kowalik for restoring my daughter’s health!"

Jeanne Stott

I previously had never seen a chiropractor. I rode a bicycle daily and traveled the world with a backpack. I began to feel old and felt my health deteriorating. It was hard to walk properly and stand upright. I took pain pills in order to sleep. The Veterans Administration doctors said I was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. I gave up hope of keeping my health and was waiting for the end. My son took me to Dr. Kowalik and everything changed. After two weeks of treatment, I could sleep the entire night without pain and without pain pills. After one month, I was able to walk two miles, something I haven't done for years. Now other doctors say I do not have Parkinson's disease and I am off all prescription medicine. Thanks to Dr. Kowalik, I believe I have more than a few good years left.

Nathan Lombrozo

Since the birth of my little boy, Rudy Jr., I awoke every morning with migraine headaches and blurred vision. I was unable to go into the sunlight because it made my migraines worse. To help with the pain, I took medication. The pain was so bad it was difficult to be a new mom. My husband, who was seeing Dr. Kowalik for back and shoulder pain, referred me. Since I started receiving treatment, I no longer get migraines and am PAIN FREE! I can now be a better mother.

Mrs. Linda Gonzales

I've been having health problems for five years. My symptoms included a needle-like stabbing on my lower right abdominal area and terrible back pain in my lower back. I'd visited two orthopedic surgeons, had MRI scans, x-rays and many visits to physiotherapists while taking anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and anti-depressants. My GP referred me for an ultrasound scan revealing multiple fibroids. He then referred me to a gynecologist consultant who decided to do a laparoscopy finding endmedtriosis therefore needing a hysterectomy. While vacationing with my family in Chino, they saw the discomfort I experienced when walking. My cousin recommended I see Dr. Kowalik. 

After only three sessions, I stopped jumping when touched. Now the pain is minimal from my body retracing -- no more burning, needle-like pains! I walked with my cousin and went swimming, which I previously was unable to do because of pain. Dr. Kowalik gave me eleven adjustments, I relaxed on the wonderful treatment tables an am returning to England a happier person. If you are skeptical of what I'm saying, I recommend using ice packs and have adjustments regularly. If you help yourself, Dr. Kowalik will definitely help you." 

Anne Wilson

Our son Levi was et the reputation of being the “sick” kid at the early age of 4 months. My husband and I were constantly running him to the pediatrician’s office or the ER every TWO weeks. He would run high fevers, scream and pull on his ears. He was “diagnosed” with his first ear infection at 5 months of age. He was so tired and lethargic, but couldn’t sleep more than 4-5 hours. I was also told by our doctor that he was developing a little slower than most kids, but that he would probably catch up soon.  At 10 months, he was diagnosed with his seventh ear infection! Needless to say, the pharmacists knew that Levi preferred bubblegum flavored antibiotics. Our doctor told us this would be the last time Levi was treated with antibiotics. Our next step was to have tubes put into his ears.

I had sought out the advice of many of my other mom-friends. I was so worried and not sure what to do. I knew that I didn’t want our son to have to go through surgery, but I also didn’t know what else to do. So, my friend Jill Duarte told me how her four kids were seeing Dr. Kowalik. I listened, but thought there was no way I was bringing my baby to a chiropractor. The next day she brought me a brochure on chiropractors and ear infections. I thought she was a little crazy to think my 10 month old baby should see a chiropractor! However, I read the brochure to my husband that night. We weighed our options and figured we didn’t have anything to lose by trying it.

I was so amazed at how much better Levi was after the first week of treatments. He was sleeping better smiling and finally trying to talk. When I took him in for his 12 month wellness check, my pediatrician was amazed. He was shocked that he wasn’t seeing me every two weeks and astounded at the transformation in Levi. He went as far as to comment that Levi didn’t seem like he could be the same kid. He wasn’t just staring blankly up at the doctor. He was running around and happy.

Needless to say, our entire family sees Dr. Kowalik regularly. We like to think the office is called “Family Chiropractor Care” because you are taken care of like you are a member of their family each time you visit. My children love coming to the office. Often times Levi (who is 2 years old now), will run to Dr. Kowalik to give him a hug. Then, once his treatment is over, he will ask Dr. Kowalik to “do it again”.

Thanks Dr. K for not only helping us to keep our kids healthy, but for caring for our kids with such love and tenderness! We will forever be grateful!

The Crider Family

Patient Stories: Testimonial
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